Izzy, makes me dizzy with his HOLOCAUST lies


Linda Matchan, the Boston Globe Magazine
I certainly don’t want to make it sound like I’m insensitive to what happened to anybody that lived through World War II and especially the Jews.
 But I’m surely not going to sit back while year after year articles are written about this Izzy Arbeiter  and anotherJewish person Stephen Ross about their Holocaust stories.
I did a whole video exposing Izzy Arbeiter on YouTube but unfortunately that video was taken down which is par for the course for YouTube.
But I did put some information up here you might find interesting the next time you try to write a wonderful story about Izzy,  you got to see the other side of the story..
I think it’s very interesting that your article itself BEARING WITNESS, PP 24-27, April 28, 2019 on page 27  where it says at the German trials, to Izzys dismay:
“the judge dismissed all survivor testimony as unreliable”..
And for good reason they felt this way:
“…most of the memoirs and reports [of ‘Holocaust survivors’] are full ofpreposterous verbosity, graphomanic exaggeration, dramatic effects,overestimated self-inflation, dilettante philosophizing, would-be lyricism,
unchecked rumors, bias, partisan attacks…”
–Samuel Gringauz, “Jewish Social Studies” (New York), January 1950,
That pretty much sums up everything about Izzy and you news people who continue to propagate the lies that this man and other holocaust so called “survivor’s” are telling, shame on you..
I could highlight right off the bat a couple of things that Izzy says that are just totally lies and misinformation…anyway some discussions on all this.









I know this isn’t going to sway you but I’ll tell you one thing,  I’m not going to shut up.
Joe Rizoli
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Dan Rea. Free speech? No, it’s the Truman show


I laughed when I hear this about free speech..
The newspapers and everybody else in the media wants it, but there are certain topics they don’t even want to talk about or they give you hardly any time to discuss your side of the story.
 Try to bring up the Holocaust. Because Dan Rea doesn’t want to upset the skull caps that he kisses ass to, he’s not going to give you the time or day or he is always going to mock you when you try to talk about the other side of the story  and that maybe the Holocaust is just a big fraud and a lie, but he can’t agree to that, he’s got “JEWISH” asses to kiss..
Maybe Dan Ray could go into the story about Leo Frank and the murder a Mary Phagan that see whose side he takes on that one…
The only time that my local newspaper will talk about the Leo Frank Mary Phagan murder case is when a Jewish person writes the article and you can bet that article is not going to be truthful and  it’s going to be a total lie.
I wrote a great article exposing that and they won’t even put it in as of yet and I’ve tried to have them put it in for over a year now… I sent my article to them again we’ll see, but I doubt it,  WHY? Because I’m not Jewish..
But back to the Holocaust. Dan Rea and most of these other people who are part of The Truman Show think they are free, but they actually are being controlled by people and for the most part. by the controllers who play the cards high above them.
The Holocaust as an example where information is censored or trivialized when you try to bring up questions the deal with the Holocaust.
There are vast amounts of volumes written against the Holocaust story yet the media certainly because of its being controlled by the Jews is not going to let that happen and that’s where people like Dan Rea who brag about free speech and how we need it, only have free speech for themselves…
DO you know THESE books called Holocaust Hand Books exist? These books tell another side of the HOLOCAUST the side that Dan Rea can’t talk about or he would be fired..
Does Dan Rea know about these books? Of course not….hes part of the Truman Show.

Jim on WBZ on free speech and the holocaust.

Dan’s attitude towards Jim was very condescending. Dan says he was at Auschwitz big f****** deal… he’s completely brain-dead on the Holocaust if it wasn’t for his Jewish friends he might have an open mind but he is a kiss ass to the Jews..


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Framingham wants to Welcome rif-raf, “the wretched refuse of your teeming shore”, thank you Margareth Shepard

Boston Broadside Cit Council article

MWDN Welcoming task force article


Another article


My opinion on Task force and what happened


Jim Rizolis letter of complaint to newspaper


My appearance before city council






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BRAZILIAN criminals running amok in Framingham, let’s WELCOME THEM..LOL


Framingham Brazilians must be the good ones….lol
You think these people don’t know what’s going on Here?
These City Councilors need to be educated on Brazilian corruption
Boston Broadside Cit Council article
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Jewish man charged with hate crime for drawing swastikas pleads guilty to lesser charge







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A TRUE history of Islam

Now, I personally don’t have an individual problem with Islam but I’ve researched this topic I have purchased many books by Islam, I have studied the sayings of Muhammad and I can guarantee you one thing, every single thing that’s in this pictorial description is true. What I am posting here is not hate, it’s not misinformation, it is only what has been written by and about Muhammad and Islam, MOST by Muhammads own words, so if you take offense by it that’s too bad, obviously you are ignorant of the history of Islam..

I would also suggest that you go to this website below, study it, listen to the audio files and then make a decision whether Islam is a true religion of peace or Jihad.

Go to the appendix on this to Muhammad’s own words and if you aren’t convinced everything that is in the pictorial picture that I posted here then you are blind. You’ll see that I am right





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Immigrant defense fund for those who are IGNORANT asking for it…

The city of Boston taking a stand to have an immigrant defense fund is just complete nonsense.


I think I’m going to call of the ignorant defense fund.


 If any illegal immigrant has a problem with staying in the United States of America then their countries of origin should be paying for all the illegal fees, in fact,  how about having their countries of origin pay for all the legal fees, housing fees, and everything else they have in their stay in America because they certainly are costing us a bundle..

The Immigrant defense fund should come from private money’s not from any money from the taxpayers..


Plenty of my opinions here…


My quest to expose illegal immigration


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Framingham Brazilian City Councilor Margret Shepard wants to welcome ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, dont be fooled…



Thank you for putting my objections to this welcoming ordinance. I certainly don’t have a problem welcoming legal people into the United States. I have a problem welcoming illegal people who are in violation of federal law.

As to my concerns about Miss Margaret Shepard I discuss all that here.


As to this supposed new welcoming ordinance that will be coming I have suggested to the mayor that it is imperative that the welcoming ordinance says:

“Framingham welcomes legal immigrants and those who obey the law”







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Most spies against America…. were JEWS…


Most people when they hear about McCarthyism they always think about it negatively but what you don’t realize is that Joseph McCarthy was right about what was happening to America. Russian spies infiltrated America by the hundreds or even thousands this example of this Morton Sobell person proves the point…

In an email to my local newspaper I wrote this article.


Another perfect example of all this would be the spy Whittaker Chambers. there was a book that was put out about him called Witness.

That book talks about the harrowing account of his journey to hell and back–through espionage, treason, and terror–is, ultimately, a story of faith. First published in 1952, Witness came on the heels of America’s trial of the century, in which Whittaker Chambers accused Alger Hiss, a full-standing member of the political establishment, of spying for the Soviet Union. In this penetrating philosophical memoir, Chambers recounts the famous case as well as his own experiences as a Communist agent in the United States, his later renunciation of Communism, and his conversion to Christianity. Chambers’ worldview–“man without mysticism is a monster”–helped to make political conservatism a national force. Witness packs the emotional wallop and the literary power of a classic Russian novel and has gained Chambers recognition by critics on both sides of the spectrum as a truly gifted writer. Witness is part spiritual autobiography, part spy thriller, and part trial drama, told in a compellingly eloquent, deeply moving voice of Dostoyevskian power.




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LGBTQ+, move over, the dogs are barking for recognition….



Interesting that this article would bring this up because recently in Massachusetts they voted to have on drivers licenses a third gender called gender x.



Apparently when God created male and female he missed this much important gender X that my wonderfully informed state representatives think they have found.. I guess it’s not only gender X that they missed but they missed this one about the guy wanting to be a dog. I guess they’ll have to go back to the drawing board and put this one in as a fourth pick for the check box..

LGBTQ+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (or questioning) and others. You might also see it written as LGBTQA, with the A signifying either ally (i.e. supportive) or asexual.


Gender X bill clears Senate

By Katie Lannan

State House News Service

BOSTON – The Massachusetts Senate on Thursday voted 39-1 to allow residents to choose a nonbinary gender designation of “X” on driver’s licenses and birth certificates, a move the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus said “marks the law catching up with the reality of peoples’ lives.”

Ev Evnen, interim executive director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, held up their own driver’s license at a press conference after the vote to illustrate the significance of the bill to people who are transgender, intersex or nonbinary, meaning they do not identify as either male or female.

“For me, right now, my driver’s license says female. As a nonbinary person, male did not feel more accurate, and because of that, I kept the marker given to me at birth,” Evnen said. “Although my whiteness and my masculinity offer me a lot of protection, I still worry that when I hand my license to a TSA agent, a clerk at the grocery store or a law enforcement official, that the difference between the person they see in front of them and the gender marked on my license will result in unjust treatment.”

Evnen said the Senate, in passing the bill, “has made my life and the lives of my nonbinary and intersex siblings a little easier.”

The bill, a priority of Senate President Karen Spilka, would still need to pass the House and earn the approval of Gov. Charlie Baker before it could become law.

Spilka, an Ashland Democrat who initially filed the bill after hearing from a teenage constituent, said she was “hopeful” the House would also pass the legislation.

“I think that there’s plenty of time left this session for them to schedule and debate it, so we are very hopeful that they will take this up,” she said.

Rep. David Linsky, a Natick Democrat whose district overlaps with Spilka’s, filed a bill (H 3070) allowing genderneutral markers on driver’s licenses, which the Transportation Committee endorsed and referred to House Ways and Means on April 4.

The Senate passed a version of the bill last year, and despite a last-minute push, it did not emerge for a vote in the House before the clock ran out on formal legislative business for the two-year term.

Massachusetts already allows changes to a driver’s listed identity on their license, but only from one of the two options – “male” or “female” – to the other.

This year’s bill, filed by Sen. Joanne Comerford, would require the Registry of Motor Vehicles to make a third, genderneutral option available to applicants for a license or learner’s permit and would allow anyone over 18, an emancipated minor or the parents of a minor to request a change in the sex listed on someone’s birth certificate to male, female or X.

The birth certificate component is a new piece of the bill this year.

“This isn’t breaking new ground,” Spilka said. “There’s already 10 states that do the driver’s license, along with Washington, D.C. For birth certificates, there are five states that already allow people to go back and amend, as well as New York City. New York City is almost 9 million people, we are a state of almost 7 million, so I guess if New York City can figure it out, I do believe the smartest state in the nation can figure this out as well.”

Sen. Donald Humason, a Westfield Republican, cast the only opposing vote. He declined to discuss his vote with reporters after the session.

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